A Day in My Boots

My name is David Garrison, when I went to college last August I had no idea I would be making a trip of a lifetime just four days after completing finals.

Talking with my parents I thought that this was insane, five weeks in Guatemala!?  Dad you’ve lost it!!  Now my entire perspective on life has been altered and I have always had an idea of what living life selflessly truly meant but witnessing it first-hand with Will and Diane I am in utter shock.  It is so amazing to be with them and work by their sides.  I am so thankful for this opportunity and as you read you will see what I have done in my short time here.

The beauty that our World has can sometimes only be experienced by putting on some old clothes and getting your hands dirty, by working with the land and altering it for the betterment of the people nearby is an amazing thing, and to be a part of it is only that much better.

While carrying out my time here I have spent my days working in los campos working with the Coffee and Avacado trees.  My experience differs from those before me who have come in groups or worked solo with the kids and I think my contribution here is just as important.  You can see my boots and my soccer shoes in the picture.  These are my tools of the trade and after working hard during the day it is extremely fun to end it with a pickup game of soccer with the local workers!

It is almost my third week here and the work that I have been doing is so fulfilling.

A family came to stay with us for the past week and by the end of their trip I was very close to them, working and playing all day can bring a group of people together.  In itself I am glad I embarked on this trip by myself as it is a constant lesson that teaching me what it truly means to give and to be a part of something bigger than me.  I am so blessed to be a small part in such a big role on our God´s green Earth and I hope that others will see the impact that they can make in our hectic and very materialistic lifestyles.

If there´s one thing that I can say to myself before coming on this trip it would be to bring a Bible, and maybe more underwear..but I feel the strength of God´s presence in every action I make during my days and nights and even though half of my adventure is still to come, I could go home tomorrow an infinitely better person.

This place is so beautiful and I could not ask for a more wonderous and thrilling home to live in and work than Lago Atitlan.  This week brings some hard work as we are beginning the final push to complete and prep the holes for the Avacado trees for the Rotary High School students coming next Thursday from Arlington.  I will work with Juan and the other workers to complete this task and prepare for their arrival.  What a week we will have! Including lots of Soccer.

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