Clean Water

Using our farms natural springs for the community


Pure Water Program

We live in the town of Agua Escondida (Hidden Water) and there is no local water other than our springs on the Opal House farm. The town’s water is piped in from a spring 30km away and the lines go down often.  In 2011, Agatha, the first storm of the wet season proved to be disastrous and Agua Escondida lost it’s water source for 15 days. We rigged a temporary pipe distribution to the front road and delivered over 10,000 gallons of fresh spring water to the community.

After that experience a professional engineer designed a water delivery system that runs from our farm to the road.  Using gravity, 200 gallons of water can be delivered every 5 minutes and then quickly trucked right into town from our roadside water building. The water is already pure and drinkable but with natural ozone treatment, the water also has much longer storage life and guaranteed sterility.

Like all of our Opal House community services, we never charge for water, food or other fruits of the farm.