Montessori School

  • New Classroom Courtesy of Mike’s Angels

    Grand Opening of New Classroom Opal House has just completed another 2000 sq foot classroom building with special funding by Mike’s Angels from Atlanta, Georgia (Mike’ This building will house our new first grade class this year and then second grade next year, mixing together in the Montessori curriculum. We were blessed with 85 people […]

  • Start of the 2014 School Year

    There is nothing like seeing the joy on a child’s face when they enter school for the first time. School has begun! The first couple weeks have been a success, with double the amount of students as last year. The first week, only two students came from 8am-10am, then another two-three came from 10am-12pm. So […]

  • School Ends for 2013

    Yes, it’s hard to believe that our first school year has ended as of October 11th, 2013. Jackelyn and I can finally raise our head above the water! We really felt like this was baptism by fire but we did it. It has been an incredible learning curve for me. Unfamiliar to the Montessori method […]