• Interview with Aniko Somogyi

    Wake up and smell the coffee! HELPING KIDS ON A COFFEE FARM! Please enjoy this one hour radio interview about COFFEE (really about our crazy journey here and life on the farm) A friend from St Jude’s has a coffee radio show and she is based on Kona Hawaii. Enjoy the video!

  • 7th Annual Surgical Mission

    Opal House and Fidago Island Rotary pediatric orthopedic surgical week from March 4th till March 11th. A team of five foot and ankle surgeons and two pediatric orthopedic surgeons and 3 anesthesiologists performed 34 major bone surgeries on poor children and a few adults with serious orthopedic deformities, many of them congenital.  This no charge […]

  • New Farm Truck Needed – Fundraiser

    Greetings from Team Opal House Guatemala, we need your help to purchase a daily work truck! It is critical to running the farm and completing the harvests so that we may become more self sufficient and help out our childrens programs. We need the truck to build more buildings, transport harvests and for a number […]

  • A Day in the Life

    We have a guest, Tino, who is helping me with my computer and I am entering a world that leaves me in trepidation. There are some buttons on my computer that I had no idea could make my life a little simpler. Oh well, we live and we learn. I want to welcome you into […]

  • Back in the Saddle Again

    Yes I know, I am severely late in updating my blog. No excuse, except that when our website was being updated….well, out of site (literally) out of mind. I can’t even remember the last entry so I will update starting from our sabbatical to Spain! It was pure joy, let me tell you. I shared […]

  • New Classroom Courtesy of Mike’s Angels

    Grand Opening of New Classroom Opal House has just completed another 2000 sq foot classroom building with special funding by Mike’s Angels from Atlanta, Georgia (Mike’ This building will house our new first grade class this year and then second grade next year, mixing together in the Montessori curriculum. We were blessed with 85 people […]

  • Ernesto’s Story

    Saving Ernesto In the beginning, Opal House had two wonderful students attending our Bible afternoon classes and morning breakfast feeding program. Sandra age 7 and Paola age 9 were the beginning of what Opal House wanted to do for the community in Guatemala. The girls stopped attending regularly or only one would show up at […]

  • Start of the 2014 School Year

    There is nothing like seeing the joy on a child’s face when they enter school for the first time. School has begun! The first couple weeks have been a success, with double the amount of students as last year. The first week, only two students came from 8am-10am, then another two-three came from 10am-12pm. So […]

  • A Day in My Boots

    My name is David Garrison, when I went to college last August I had no idea I would be making a trip of a lifetime just four days after completing finals. Talking with my parents I thought that this was insane, five weeks in Guatemala!?  Dad you’ve lost it!!  Now my entire perspective on life […]

  • School Ends for 2013

    Yes, it’s hard to believe that our first school year has ended as of October 11th, 2013. Jackelyn and I can finally raise our head above the water! We really felt like this was baptism by fire but we did it. It has been an incredible learning curve for me. Unfamiliar to the Montessori method […]

  • Surgery Week

    Surgery Team 2014 This past week was surgery week! Every year, in February, a group of 15-20 doctors come to Opal House/Guatemala and perform surgeries for the children of Guatemala. This is the biggest week of the year for all! These doctors are Pediatrists, Orthopedists, X-Ray Techs, and some nurses. The main problems the people […]